Our Services

Introductions and Referrals

We facilitate valuable connections between our members, creating opportunities for collaboration, partnership, and growth. Our extensive network of professionals and businesses across various sectors enables us to provide tailored introductions and referrals, helping our members navigate the UK and Georgian markets with ease.

Import-Export Assistance

Our team of experts offers comprehensive support to businesses involved in importing and exporting goods and services between the UK and Georgia. From market research and regulatory compliance to logistics and customs clearance, we provide end-to-end solutions that streamline international trade and ensure a seamless process for our members.

Assistance with Trade Finance

We help businesses secure the necessary funding for their international trade activities by providing guidance on trade finance options, such as letters of credit, export credit, and guarantees. Our team works closely with financial institutions and government agencies to identify suitable financing solutions that cater to our members’ unique needs and circumstances.

Due Diligence Services

To mitigate risks and ensure informed decision-making, we offer comprehensive due diligence services for businesses considering investments, partnerships, or acquisitions in the UK and Georgia. Our team conducts thorough research, including financial, legal, and operational assessments, to provide our members with the insights they need to make well-informed decisions.

Introduction to Notary Services

We connect our members with trusted notary professionals to assist with the authentication and certification of legal documents required for international business transactions. Our referral network of notaries ensures that our members have access to reliable, efficient, and timely notarial services in both the UK and Georgia.

Referral for Banking Services

Our strong relationships with leading banks in the UK and Georgia enable us to provide our members with referrals to a range of banking services tailored to their specific needs. From setting up bank accounts and securing loans to accessing foreign exchange services and managing cash flow, we help our members navigate the banking landscape with confidence and ease.

Market Entry Strategy Consulting

We provide guidance and support to businesses looking to enter or expand their presence in the UK or Georgian markets. Our team of experts helps develop tailored market entry strategies, including competitor analysis, target market identification, and regulatory compliance, to ensure a smooth and successful market entry.

Legal and Regulatory Advisory Services

Our network of legal experts assists members with navigating the complex legal and regulatory landscapes in the UK and Georgia. We offer advice on matters such as company formation, licensing, contracts, labor laws, intellectual property protection, and dispute resolution. Additionally, we provide assistance with obtaining necessary licenses and permits for various industries, ensuring that our members can operate with confidence and compliance.

Networking Events and Business Forums

We regularly organize exclusive networking events, seminars, and business forums for our members, providing them with opportunities to connect with other professionals, industry experts, and government officials. These events foster collaboration, information exchange, and relationship-building, ultimately contributing to the growth and success of our members’ businesses.

Tax and Accounting Advisory Services

We offer support in managing tax and accounting requirements for businesses operating in the UK and Georgia. Our team of tax and accounting professionals provides advice on tax planning, compliance, reporting, and other financial management aspects, ensuring our members can focus on their core business operations.

Business Promotion and Branding

We help our members increase their visibility and brand awareness in their target markets through various promotional activities, such as featuring their businesses on our website, in our newsletters, and at our events. We also offer guidance on crafting effective marketing and communication strategies to help our members build strong and recognizable brands.

Talent Recruitment and

Human Resource Support

We assist our members in finding and retaining top talent by connecting them with skilled professionals and offering support in human resource management. Our services include job postings, candidate screening, and guidance on labor laws, employee benefits, and workplace policies, ensuring our members can build and maintain a strong workforce.