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Explore our mission and vision statements that embody the core values and aspirations driving the British-Georgian Chamber of Commerce’s dedication to fostering strong UK-Georgia partnerships.

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Learn how the British-Georgian Chamber of Commerce offers a wide range of services, resources, and opportunities to empower businesses and individuals in both the UK and Georgia to connect, collaborate, and grow.


As a startup entering the UK market, BGCC provided us with invaluable guidance and support. Their comprehensive market research and tailored strategy helped us establish a strong foothold in the industry, and the connections we made through their networking events have led to fruitful collaborations. We couldn’t have done it without them!

— Jane Smith,

CEO of GeorgianTech

When we decided to expand our business to Georgia, BGCC was instrumental in navigating the complex regulatory landscape. Their legal and regulatory advisory services ensured we were compliant with all local requirements, and their assistance with securing necessary licenses and permits allowed us to focus on our core operations.

— Thomas Johnson,

Managing Director of BritishHealthcare Ltd.

BGCC has been a tremendous resource for our import-export business. Their team of experts streamlined the entire process, from logistics and customs clearance to trade finance assistance. Thanks to BGCC, we’ve been able to grow our business and forge lasting partnerships in both the UK and Georgia.

— Emily Williams,

Founder of WilliamsWine Importers

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