Founded in 2007, the British-Georgian Chamber of Commerce (BGCC) was established as a result of the growing economic and cultural ties between the United Kingdom and Georgia. After years of groundwork by his Lordship Godfrey Bewicke-Copley, 7th Baron Cromwell, and Mako Abashidze, a group of visionary business leaders and diplomats from both countries came together to create an organization that would facilitate and support these burgeoning relationships.

In its early years, the BGCC focused on promoting trade and investment opportunities between the UK and Georgia, as well as providing a platform for networking and knowledge-sharing among businesses from both nations. As the organization grew, it expanded its scope to encompass a wider range of sectors, including education, tourism, technology, wine, manufacturing, agriculture, architecture, healthcare, and finance.

The BGCC organized its first British-Georgian Trade and Investment Forum in 2012, which has since become a flagship event, attracting business leaders, investors, and policymakers from both countries. The forum serves as a platform for showcasing the current business environment and up-to-date relevant information regarding the latest innovations, investment opportunities, and best practices in various industries, fostering greater collaboration, economic growth, and education.

Over the years, the BGCC has developed a strong presence in both the United Kingdom and Georgia, with offices in London and Tbilisi. The organization has built a diverse membership base and extended network, encompassing large corporations, SMEs, start-ups, and individual entrepreneurs, including professionals across various sectors. The BGCC’s dedicated team of professionals and ambassadors at large work tirelessly to support its members by providing valuable resources, market insights, and networking opportunities.

In addition to its core trade and investment promotion activities, the BGCC has also been instrumental in facilitating cultural exchanges between the UK and Georgia. Through partnerships with various cultural institutions, the BGCC has helped to promote a better understanding of each country’s rich history, traditions, and artistic heritage.

Today, the British-Georgian Chamber of Commerce remains steadfast in its commitment to fostering strong, mutually beneficial relationships between the UK and Georgia. As the organization looks to the future, it continues to focus on unlocking new opportunities, driving sustainable development, and promoting shared prosperity for both nations through its diverse initiatives and programs.