Our Team

BGCC team is composed of dedicated professionals who are committed to providing superior service. We love our work. We love our countries. We firmly believe in strong and continuous relationship between Georgia and the UK. If you have any questions, our team members will be happy to assist you.

Ms. Mako Abashidze

Position: Director

e-mail: contact@bgcc.org.uk

Ms. Sophie Ibbotson

Position: Board Member

e-mail: sophie@maximumexposureproductions.com

Mr. George Chubinidze

Position: Marketing Director

e-mail: marketingdirector@bgcc.org.uk

Ms. Mariam Totladze

Position: Relationships Manager

e-mail: office@bgcc.org.uk

Mr. Zaza Okuashvili

Honorary Chairman


Mr. George Rurua

Position: Executive Director

e-mail: g.rurua@bgcc.org.uk

Ms. Sofiko Abanoidze

Position: Project Director

e-mail: projectdirector@bgcc.org.uk

Mr. Robert Hurley

Position: Non-Executive Director

e-mail: r.hurley@bgcc.org.uk

Ms. Ekaterine Gegia

Position: Director Representative

e-mail: e.gegia@bgcc.org.uk

Mr. Alexander Qamarauli

Position: IT Manager

e-mail: it@bgcc.org.uk