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Personal networks are essential to successful business – this remains the case in the UK and is very important in Georgia. BGCC membership enables you to access our network of people and businesses in both countries. They may be your future partners, customers or even competitors – in any event you need to get to know them!

Membership of BGCC is also a statement. It makes clear that you are serious not only about your business but also about being part of the wider development of economic opportunities between Britain and Georgia. That commitment counts when building business relationships.

By becoming a member, you will join an internationally recognised organisation that is a professional and social network consisting of more than 300 members and associates in Georgia and the UK. BGCC and its diverse member base are active in a wide variety of sectors and include large firms as well as small and medium-sized companies.

As a BGCC member you will gain access to special offers and discounts from our existing members and partner companies, special rates at our partner airlines, hotels and restaurants in both countries, plus access to our international network.

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