Information about BGCC

The British Georgian Chamber of Commerce (BGCC) is a leading business organisation, which was founded by Lord Godfrey Cromwell and Ms. Mako Abashidze in March 2007. It is a non-political trade body to facilitate business growth and contacts at all levels between UK and Georgia.

We work closely with governments, businesses and individuals from both countries to gather relevant information efficiently and accurately by establishing and maintaining necessary contacts.

Our experience, knowledge and diverse network of members mean that we are uniquely placed to facilitate activities essential to business development. With offices and affiliates in London and Tbilisi, BGCC brings together decision makers from both private and public sectors to share information and create opportunities.

We are proud that:

  • BGCC is the official representative of The Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the UK
  • BGCC is a member of The London Chamber of Commerce
  • BGCC is a member of Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA)
  • BGCC works in a partnership with UK Trade and Investment Agency


“BP is Britain’s largest public company and Georgia’s largest foreign investor. In resent years we have seen Georgia re-emerge as a strategic crossroads for trade and an increasingly important destination for inward investment. The work of BGCC is vital in continuing this positive trend and we are proud to support it.”
“We are delighted to support BGCC as part of our commitment towards strengthening economic and trade relations between UK and Georgia.”
Mr. Badri Japaridze – Vice Chairman, TBC Bank
“We at PwC Georgia are delighted to become the members of BGCC, a valuable network of businesses with connections to both Georgia and the UK. We look forward to listening to other members and bringing fresh insight to the opportunities and challenges in doing business between our countries, whether they are financial, tax or legal.”
“BGCC represents the voice of businessmen and women, offers a rich network, and provides promotion and support for businesses both in Georgia and the UK. We are pleased that the Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is represented by BGCC in London.”
Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry