Information about BGCC

The British Georgian Chamber of Commerce (BGCC) is a leading business organisation, which was founded by Lord Godfrey Cromwell and Ms. Mako Abashidze in March 2007. It is a non-political trade body to facilitate business growth and contacts at all levels between UK and Georgia.

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Membership benefits

By becoming a member, you will join an internationally recognised organisation that is a professional and social network consisting of more than 300 members and associates in Georgia and the UK. BGCC and its diverse member base are active in a wide variety of sectors and include large firms as well as small and medium-sized companies.

As a BGCC member you will gain access to special offers and discounts from our existing members and partner companies, special rates at our partner airlines, hotels and restaurants in both countries, plus access to our international network.

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Our Team

Our BGCC team is composed of dedicated professionals who are committed to providing superior service to our customers. We love our work. We love our countries. We firmly believe in strong and continuous relationship between Georgia and the UK

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